Monday, February 6, 2012

Warm weather productivity

It's February 6th and my windows are open wide to let in the beautiful fresh air!  I'm a little worried that Mother Natures is going to strike come March like it did at the end of October to make up for all of this loveliness now.  It's bright and sunny and fresh smelling inside the condo today which I love.

We had a shorter day today because of conferences and I have been so productive with my extra 2 hours!  I have done some organization and laundry-related stuff around the house, picked out my clothes for the next couple of days, taken out the recycling and put my kitchen back together after this weekend's baking.  (Did you see the great Giants game last night?!!)  I also went to the gym and am now taking a little DVR break.  It's great to feel that I've done a bunch of things that needed doing and still have time to relax before tonight's rehearsal.  Not bad for a Monday :)

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