Monday, April 30, 2012

I guess I do like logo print

As long as it's on sneakers?

I went outlet shopping last month and decided, again, that I don't care for the Coach logo print.  I have no logical reason for not liking it, I just don't.  I prefer their plain bags with the discreet little hanging tag.  I was actually carrying a Coach bag that day but since there was no logo even my sisters didn't know. 

Saturday...all of that changed!  I was at TJ Maxx and these just called to me.  They are not my usual style in any way, but they had to come home with me along with a pair of peep toes that I'll share another time.  So cute!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finishing up

On Monday I'll take the last exams I should ever have to take for 6-8 hours.  Tuesday I have my final meeting with my internship supervisor to turn in my project and portfolio.  So...this weekend is INSANE work/study weekend.  I have a lot of it done, obviously, but it needs organization and some written parts.  I finished today's run (8 miles!) I have a couple errands to run and then I'll be glued to the couch, computer and printer until tomorrow night.  I'm sure you have now figured out that this quick post is just another element of my I'm going get moving so that I can have some fun before the weekend ends.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Congratulations Michelle and Hector!

My friend Michelle got married on Saturday!  It was a great day with a few bumps along the way...but the outcome was fantastic.  I was the maid of honor and sang at the church, too.  I had a great time and my feet were still achy on Monday-proof that I danced the night away!  I'm thrilled for Michelle and Hector and wish them all the best in life.

I am swamped with school work this week so s few pictures from the wedding will just have to do for today.  Enjoy!

The new Mr. and Mrs.
Me with the happy couple...not the best pic but the only one I have of me.

My parents!

Friday, April 20, 2012

BBQ with Granny

Last night I had dinner with Granny, Sarge's mom and their friend Ruth and a BBQ place around the corner from our place.  We had a very good time!  We talked about school and the state tests (MiL and I are both teachers), plans for when Sarge gets home (yay!!) and had a delicious dinner.  I had pulled turkey with a yummy apple salad and macaroni and cheese.  For those of you don't know, macaroni and cheese is one of my favorites and it's perfect as a restaurant side dish because it keeps me from eating a whole box by myself.

Granny and me

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sarge (with the help of some "elves") surprised me on our anniversary with flowers and teddy bear from Build-a-Bear.  I will admit, I broke into tears at work.  There isn't too much to say other than I was thrilled.  This is WAY outside our normal life and it was absolutely perfect.  I'm a lucky wife and am looking forward to spending the rest of our anniversaries together!

Something for both of us :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break in Review

Spring break has changed a lot in the last 10 years for me and is now more about relaxing than partying.  This year it was a good combination of productivity and laziness.  I went running 4 days this week, cleaned out our 2 closets, put up new curtains that I found in the clean out, went to work one morning and did some prep for the wedding I'm in next weekend.  I also did lots of reading, TV watching, seeing the girls and even went to the movies!

I saw the Hunger Games with week with Linda for part of her 30 days to turning 30 celebration.  We went and had pizza for lunch and then heading to the movie.  I had heard some mixed reviews but really wanted to see it after reading the books.  It lived up to all of my expectations and the visual was great.  They costumes in the movie are amazing and the contrast between the people who live in the capital and those who live in outer districts was really well done.  I could have used some more names of the characters...I had a hard time remembering all of them and they didn't get used often.  Also, I'm not sure that someone who hadn't read the book would entirely understand the whole premise.

Saturday afternoon was drinks by the river with the girls...and perfect sunny afternoon.  It was after a not-so-great run in the morning but it saved the day.  A little sun, yummy drinks and delicious pizzas, perfect!  Here are a couple of pics of our I have to go back to work tomorrow???
Hudson River view from Haverstraw marina


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family Easter

When I don't have to sing, I spend Easter weekend with my family in Delware.  I play my annual 9 holes of golf with the family and go outlet shopping with my sisters when our parents play a round of a real golf with my brother-in-law. We hit the casino (aka: an ego boost almost as good as buffet restaurants!) took a walk down by the boardwalk and did lots of reading, eating and even watched some of the Masters.  You have to love a man with a pink driver, congrats Bubba!
The newest addition

 This year the shopping highlight was the Kate Spade outlet with purchases at Banana Republic, Nike and Crocs.  Erin recommended some new running pants I tried out today and love.  She's a great runner so I wasn't surprised that she was right about the new pants.  :)

And some more highlights from our weekend away.

Katie, Mom and Stella on the beach

Me in my Easter dress

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Feel Skinny

Not really today, but in comparison to most people at a restaurant I was in on Sunday...absolutely!
Anyone who needs to feel good about themselves should visit a buffet on Sunday during what would be known as "after church" hours.  I met a friend in Herkimer, NY at around 1:30 on Sunday and boy was it an ego boost.  We were supposed to meet at this amazing pizza place but they were closed so went to an alternative that we used to have in the town where we went to college.  I don't usually feel that others misfortune should make me happier but this Sunday was an exception.  There I was, in sweats, post-run with my hair in a bun and I felt like a supermodel!  Uh-mazing. 

This weekend I have plans to visit a casino in Delaware with my family that will also prove to be an ego boost if last year is any comparison.  Is this right?  Probably not, but it's the truth.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I've Got a Mule Her Name is Sal

15 miles on the Erie Canal!  Okay, more like 6 but that song has kept running through my head since yesterday.

I was up visiting my in-laws and had to find a way to get my long run in for the week so this morning won.  I found a great bike path along the Erie Canal and did a nice 3 mile out and back run.  I felt very good and pushed myself for the first five and back off on the 6th to give myself time to cool down.  I love how running lets me see parts of where I visit I wouldn't otherwise.  I got to see a lock in the canal, something I've been singing about for years and had no idea of what it really looked like.

The weekend was a good one and with all my nephews and nieces there it was fun.  They are great kids and it's great to see them all playing together now that the youngest is old enough to really play.  Here are a couple of cute pics from the weekend, enjoy!