Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Feel Skinny

Not really today, but in comparison to most people at a restaurant I was in on Sunday...absolutely!
Anyone who needs to feel good about themselves should visit a buffet on Sunday during what would be known as "after church" hours.  I met a friend in Herkimer, NY at around 1:30 on Sunday and boy was it an ego boost.  We were supposed to meet at this amazing pizza place but they were closed so went to an alternative that we used to have in the town where we went to college.  I don't usually feel that others misfortune should make me happier but this Sunday was an exception.  There I was, in sweats, post-run with my hair in a bun and I felt like a supermodel!  Uh-mazing. 

This weekend I have plans to visit a casino in Delaware with my family that will also prove to be an ego boost if last year is any comparison.  Is this right?  Probably not, but it's the truth.

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