Monday, April 2, 2012

I've Got a Mule Her Name is Sal

15 miles on the Erie Canal!  Okay, more like 6 but that song has kept running through my head since yesterday.

I was up visiting my in-laws and had to find a way to get my long run in for the week so this morning won.  I found a great bike path along the Erie Canal and did a nice 3 mile out and back run.  I felt very good and pushed myself for the first five and back off on the 6th to give myself time to cool down.  I love how running lets me see parts of where I visit I wouldn't otherwise.  I got to see a lock in the canal, something I've been singing about for years and had no idea of what it really looked like.

The weekend was a good one and with all my nephews and nieces there it was fun.  They are great kids and it's great to see them all playing together now that the youngest is old enough to really play.  Here are a couple of cute pics from the weekend, enjoy!

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