Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break in Review

Spring break has changed a lot in the last 10 years for me and is now more about relaxing than partying.  This year it was a good combination of productivity and laziness.  I went running 4 days this week, cleaned out our 2 closets, put up new curtains that I found in the clean out, went to work one morning and did some prep for the wedding I'm in next weekend.  I also did lots of reading, TV watching, seeing the girls and even went to the movies!

I saw the Hunger Games with week with Linda for part of her 30 days to turning 30 celebration.  We went and had pizza for lunch and then heading to the movie.  I had heard some mixed reviews but really wanted to see it after reading the books.  It lived up to all of my expectations and the visual was great.  They costumes in the movie are amazing and the contrast between the people who live in the capital and those who live in outer districts was really well done.  I could have used some more names of the characters...I had a hard time remembering all of them and they didn't get used often.  Also, I'm not sure that someone who hadn't read the book would entirely understand the whole premise.

Saturday afternoon was drinks by the river with the girls...and perfect sunny afternoon.  It was after a not-so-great run in the morning but it saved the day.  A little sun, yummy drinks and delicious pizzas, perfect!  Here are a couple of pics of our I have to go back to work tomorrow???
Hudson River view from Haverstraw marina


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