Monday, October 31, 2011

October Snow

Trees and wires down on my street
Not since January of '98 when I was driving back to Potsdam after the ice storm have I seen so many trees down.  It is really sad and I feel so glad that no one I know was hurt.  We have lost decks, gutters, yards, fences and a few hours of heat and power and I got the first "snow day" of the year out of it. 

My sister was kind enough yesterday to take my parents and myself in for the afternoon.  We didn't have heat or power so it was great to have someplace to go.  Mom and Dad made a delicious black bean soup  for dinner and made a party of it.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Am I in Potsdam?

So, we are supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow today and tonight.  I feel like I'm back in Potsdam where we expected this before Halloween.  Here in the Hudson Valley this is the morning news keeps telling me.  However, there are benefits.

I have been running around like a maniac the past few weeks and this is now enforced couch/relax time.  I cleaned the condo on Wednesday so I don't have to do it today and I have a full weeks worth of DVRs to catch up on and a Mag-Let to do it in.  There is a forecast for power outages as well due to downed trees, etc so I have the Kindle charging up so I can read to my heart's content if that happens.  So, I guess it's a little different than college where I just would have been searching for my gloves and hat so I could trudge across campus in the snow!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ladies Night

Last night was ladies night with Heather and Linda.  Wine, treats...the perfect Thursday night relief.  I know it seems so simple, but a glass of red with my girls and some snacks is enough to make the stress of the week melt away.  We usually start out talking about school and by the end of the night have talked about just about everything else under the sun.

So, I did buy a RIDICULOUSLY expensive cheese for our evening.  One was called Prima Donna which I tried a few years ago and loved.  I don't even know the one I bought last night but it was crusted with espresso and lavender.  I am in love.  It was so delicious and different.  Now, I wish it was slightly more affordable, at $26 a pound it will be a special treat, for sure.  Anyone know what this could be?  The cheese shop didn't put a lable on the wrapper!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Treats

On Sunday morning I woke up to make desserts for a shindig at Heather's house.  We got to see her beautiful new apartment, hang out and relax on a Sunday afternoon.  There was a football game on, but I won't say that we paid too much attention.  Side-note:  I have a fantasy football team that is a disaster.  No matter what I do, I lose.  I actually had a "projected point total" for last week of 145 at one point.  The end result....52!!  What's a girl to do???

But, back to desserts.  I was feeling creative so I made a candy corn cheesecake and homemade peanut butter cups.  Both came out pretty yummy and the peanut butter cups will be repeated.  They're easy and yummy.  I adjusted a recipe I found on another blog but won't post that until I have it the way I want it.  If you'd like the the originial.  Here it is.  The cheesecake wasn't difficult (it's a Wilton recipe) but getting it out of the pan nicely was a problem.  Next time I'll make sure to have a pie server with me!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tip It!

I spent Friday night with my sisters at Kathy Griffin.  She is so freakin' funny!  I've gotten away from watching the show but her stand up is so great.  We had a ball as you can see from the photos below.  Between being the only people tailgating (boxed sangria and deli sandwiches!), buying snuggies after the show and our exhausted tearful conversations in the car on the way sisters rock!

This is how WE tailgate!

Now, the traffic on the way home I could have done without.  Katie and I sat on the TZ bridge for over an hour waiting.  Just waiting.  And watching the crazy people in the cars around us, drunk boys in one car, an angry lady in the car in front of us and very tired people everywhere.  The guys rocking their car back and forth because they were bored were hysterical.

My awesome sisters in the tailgate love seat

Friday, October 21, 2011


TGIF!!  This has been a long week here...mostly because I haven't been feeling well...sorry for not posting!  It's amazing how much gets left out when you don't feel well.  I did what I had to this week and not much more than that.

The internship at school is picking up in earnest.  This week I had 2 committee meetings in the mornings and took on assignments for each of them.  I also got "drafted" to help with a field trip and attend a health and wellness training next month.  Some things are exciting, some not so much.  I just know that right now it's a lot of work.  I have some hours set aside this weekend to do some of the data entry I need to do as well.  The excitement never ends.

I am looking forward to an all-girls football party on Sunday.  I'm bringing a dessert so I'm trying to find a fun recipe.  I'd like something a little halloween-y but not gross.  I did see some cute pumpkin shaped cupcakes that may win out.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Volunteer Sunday

Sunday was about doing things for others, a perfect tribute to our annivesary.  And, it kept me from having too much time on my hands to get bummed out.

I woke up at 5:30am to go volunteer at the American Cancer Society's Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk.  I was working at the registration along with my parents and my aunt Eileen.  It was more fun than I had anticipated and I told Katie (the sister helping run the event) that I'd definitely do it next year.  The walkers were so positive and there was pink everywhere!  It was such an amazingly positive morning.

I sang at a local nursing home Sunday afternoon with the Hudson Voices.  We sang 4 songs on each of 5 floors of the facility for a wide variety of patients.  It can be hard to sing to people who are completely unresponsive, as they were on a couple of floors but I hope that something made through.  The nurses and caretakers did seem to enjoy the performances, too. 

The afternoon made me think of both of my grandmothers and different times.  They both spent time in nursing care for different reasons and I tried to imagine how much they would have enjoyed a performance.  We did have one woman on the last floor we visited who was dancing in her wheelchair along with us....that would have been my Grandma absolutely!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

6 months

Happy 6 month anniversary to my wonderful husband.  I love you!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby Animals Cake

This morning was spent covered in Wilton buttercream.  I made a few different colors, including chocolate to make the shower cake for my friend Michelle's daughter Tishauna.  Michelle's husband is deployed as well and since she's been doing this for the last 14 years I often call her my Army Wife-Coach.

  I'm pretty happy with the way it came it, I do need some work on the side stripes.   When we cut it open later I'll try to catch a pic of that too, I made a chocolate and vanilla checkerboard with chocolate mousse filling for the inside.  Hopefully it will be as pretty inside as out.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Perfect Friday Morning

Sarge called me as I was getting ready to go to school this morning!  Considering that I had just made myself get out of bed it was motivation for me.  I just hope that I can sleep in a little tomorrow morning when I have the chance.  So, I didn't really have time to write what I had planned for here...but that's ok.  The hubby was having a tough day at work so it was good to be able to tell him I love him.

I know it was only a 4 day week but it felt REALLY long.  The rain every day, the full moon, I don't know exactly what it was but I am ready for the weekend.  I have the baby shower tomorrow and I'm volunteering at an American Cancer Society event Sunday morning and then singing with Hudson Voices that afternoon at a local nursing home.  Now, if I could just find a few minutes to fix (learn something about) my fantasy football team so that they don't lose again (I think I'm 1-4) it could be a perfect weekend. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sleepytime new best friend.

I may have conquered the sleep!  The last 2 nights I have made sure that everything is done before I sit down to talk to Sarge.  While we're chatting I have a cup of Sleepytime tea.  It's a chamomile tea with valerian in it to help with sleep.  It's awesome.  I have slept the last 2 nights in a row and though I know that's only a start, I'll take it!

Tonight's plan is to begin making the cake for a baby shower I'm going to on Saturday.  I'm doing a chocolate and vanilla checkerboard cake with chocolate mousse filling.  The frosting on the outside will be the Wilton buttercream which isn't my favorite but looks best.  Should be pretty yummy and fun, too.  Tonight is cake baking.  Tomorrow is filling and frosting.  Saturday am is decorating.  It's a lot of work but I do love the's almost peaceful.  The mommy-to-be has asked for jungle animals, I'll post photos when it's finished!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's The Little Things...

We have wheels again!  Ok, this isn't our piano but it's VERY similar
 Today I came in to school and found that an annoying problem with one of our pianos had been fixed overnight.  I know it's a little thing in a big picture but it was so great.  I love it when I can start out my morning with something positive, no matter how small. 

Now, what I need are good breakfasts that are quick, healthy and portable.  I manage to do well with meal planning these days for lunch and dinner but breakfast kills me.  I am USELESS in the morning so this is a challenge for me.  I also don't wake up hungry (just craving coffee!) but I know I need to eat so I do.  Today it's a FiberOne bar.  Not the greatest choice, but not the worst. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No sleep 'til?

I haven't slept through the night in about a week right now.  I am really frustrated and have no idea what to do from here.  I understood the nights away, new place, new sounds, etc.  But the last 2 nights?  Just annoying.  The two nights before the trip, I couldn't tell ya.  So, I'm annoyed, cranky and tired...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leaf Peeping on The Northway

The trip up to Plattsburgh on Friday was dark and I was exhausted.  On the way back it was GORGEOUS!  The Northway was brightly colored and festive.  It was a beautiful drive home after a great weekend.  I have never really been a "leaf peeper" but today it made the first 2 hours fly by.  So, so pretty!

Karin and I met in college in our voice studio.  She's funny, silly and I love hanging out with her.  We had the perfect combination of "things" to do and nothing.  We shopped, went to see a friend of hers perform Saturday night and hung out at her place.  I missed that girl!

Tomorrow is catching up around the house day and wedding dress shopping with Michelle.  Let the maid-of-honor duties begin!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

K-Lo 2011

So, it's been 2 years but I finally made it back to Plattsburgh.  Good times!!

I will post a weekend re-cap Sunday night or Monday but for now, it's time to go shopping, out to lunch and out to see a friend of Karin's play tonight.  I'm kind of excited.  This is a super long drive but I'm glad to be here. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indoors or Outdoors?

I'm finally cleared for activity!!  This came just in time for our trip to Canyon Ranch.  I can do anything no-impact.  So, walking, elliptical, etc.  I stretched those rules a little bit on the trip but I felt great and it was totally worth it.

The first day workouts we chose were mostly outside.  Friday morning we went for a walk around the grounds of the ranch and went for a guided hike in the afternoon.  My 1st pair of sneakers were SOAKED by that afternoon.  It was muddy, wet and so pretty.

We had a pair of interesting guides for the hike, who lamented the recent losses of their baseball teams and were none too happy to find out that Erin and I are from NY and also Yankee fans.  We've been fans (I'll admit to my own varying degrees) since we were little.  They were both older guys who'd retired to the area and this is their second cool is that?  The lead hikes, canoe trips, snowshoeing in the winter, sounds like fun!

Saturday it was pouring.  We had mostly indoor activity planned though I had scheduled a bike ride that was cancelled.  I'm sure that bikes and slippery mud aren't a great combination.  But, in a funny twist, Strip Fit was offered at the same time and we took that instead.  Anyone who knows me can only imagine how funny that was.  We had a ball, but it was tough!  The teacher had a great sense of humor and in teaching us a routine made it fun and a good workout.  Now, my inner competitive self came out at one point and I started to feel like I was back in HS.  I am NOT a good dancer.  I am a klutz (see all those posts about my broken foot!) and this was no exception.  Watching myself in a billion mirrors, trying to be cute and sexy just adds to my distraction and...let's just say I'll be keeping my day job!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where is the rest of my appetizer?

The food at Canyon Ranch is delicious.  And I mean it.  I didn't have a single bad thing to eat the entire trip, and I tried quite a few things.  Our only complaint was that the appetizers were TINY!  There were baked jalapeno poppers on the menu one night...sounds awesome!  And IT was.  Yes, a single jalapeno stuffed with a little bit of cheese and baked.  I know, it's to help teach about portions and all that, but really?  ONE?  We had a similar experience with the Fig salad.  Lovely figs, almost no salad.  The tomato soup I order one lunch though was amazing.  I don't know what they do to tomatoes in their kitchen but everything with tomatoes was top notch this past weekend.

 So the menu highlights for me were the morning egg white omelettes and yogurt parfait at breakfast.  For lunch, I had a sundried tomato and farmers cheese flatbread that was great and Erin had Mac & Cheese one day that was really yummy and a good sized portion.  Dinner was great each night.  I had a lobster tail the first night, Zahtar crusted lamb chops with pomegranate couscous on Friday and Saturday night was fish (the type escapes me right now) over a yummy chickpea and celery salad.  All 3 were under 350 calories and wonderful.  The fish was an expecially filling dinner which I love.

We received copies of the Canyon Ranch cookbook, Nourish while we were there.  I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes and reporting out.  I bought parsnips on a whim yesterday so those will be on the menu soon.  Could be interesting...and very possibly disastrous.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bathrobes are the best

Seriously, this was an amazing weekend away and the bathrobes were only a part of it.  So you don't get entire bored (because it would be REALLY long) I am doing the weekend recap in 2 or 3 parts, not entirely sure yet. treatments!

I had 2 treatments this weekend, a hot stone massage on Friday and a Lavender Relax wrap on Saturday.  They were both so, so, wonderful.  I was super excited about the hot stones and it was just what I wanted.  I was warm, relaxed and the stones really do help with getting out knots.  My shoulders and upper back are a challenge to any masseuse...for reasons I'm sure you can figure out.  I went in after a good hike (more on that tomorrow) and spent time in my robe in the relaxation room, reading, beforehand.  It was just a great first full day.

The body treatment was something I was nervous about.  I spent a long time in the relaxtion room before trying to just enjoy the whole experience.  It seems much more vulnerable than the massage for some reason but after about 2 minutes I totally didn't care.  The woman giving the treatment also stayed away from "sensitive" areas which made it easier.  I'm not sure if that was because I told her I was a little apprehensive but I will say that after the exfoliation, the shea butter and being wrapped up like a burrito I am hooked.  It's totally cozy and luxurious.

So...Canyon Ranch was indulgent and their bathrobes are amazing.  As are the towels in the rooms, which I would like the next time someone wants to get me an gift.