Friday, October 28, 2011

Ladies Night

Last night was ladies night with Heather and Linda.  Wine, treats...the perfect Thursday night relief.  I know it seems so simple, but a glass of red with my girls and some snacks is enough to make the stress of the week melt away.  We usually start out talking about school and by the end of the night have talked about just about everything else under the sun.

So, I did buy a RIDICULOUSLY expensive cheese for our evening.  One was called Prima Donna which I tried a few years ago and loved.  I don't even know the one I bought last night but it was crusted with espresso and lavender.  I am in love.  It was so delicious and different.  Now, I wish it was slightly more affordable, at $26 a pound it will be a special treat, for sure.  Anyone know what this could be?  The cheese shop didn't put a lable on the wrapper!!

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