Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indoors or Outdoors?

I'm finally cleared for activity!!  This came just in time for our trip to Canyon Ranch.  I can do anything no-impact.  So, walking, elliptical, etc.  I stretched those rules a little bit on the trip but I felt great and it was totally worth it.

The first day workouts we chose were mostly outside.  Friday morning we went for a walk around the grounds of the ranch and went for a guided hike in the afternoon.  My 1st pair of sneakers were SOAKED by that afternoon.  It was muddy, wet and so pretty.

We had a pair of interesting guides for the hike, who lamented the recent losses of their baseball teams and were none too happy to find out that Erin and I are from NY and also Yankee fans.  We've been fans (I'll admit to my own varying degrees) since we were little.  They were both older guys who'd retired to the area and this is their second cool is that?  The lead hikes, canoe trips, snowshoeing in the winter, sounds like fun!

Saturday it was pouring.  We had mostly indoor activity planned though I had scheduled a bike ride that was cancelled.  I'm sure that bikes and slippery mud aren't a great combination.  But, in a funny twist, Strip Fit was offered at the same time and we took that instead.  Anyone who knows me can only imagine how funny that was.  We had a ball, but it was tough!  The teacher had a great sense of humor and in teaching us a routine made it fun and a good workout.  Now, my inner competitive self came out at one point and I started to feel like I was back in HS.  I am NOT a good dancer.  I am a klutz (see all those posts about my broken foot!) and this was no exception.  Watching myself in a billion mirrors, trying to be cute and sexy just adds to my distraction and...let's just say I'll be keeping my day job!

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