Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leaf Peeping on The Northway

The trip up to Plattsburgh on Friday was dark and I was exhausted.  On the way back it was GORGEOUS!  The Northway was brightly colored and festive.  It was a beautiful drive home after a great weekend.  I have never really been a "leaf peeper" but today it made the first 2 hours fly by.  So, so pretty!

Karin and I met in college in our voice studio.  She's funny, silly and I love hanging out with her.  We had the perfect combination of "things" to do and nothing.  We shopped, went to see a friend of hers perform Saturday night and hung out at her place.  I missed that girl!

Tomorrow is catching up around the house day and wedding dress shopping with Michelle.  Let the maid-of-honor duties begin!

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