Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's The Little Things...

We have wheels again!  Ok, this isn't our piano but it's VERY similar
 Today I came in to school and found that an annoying problem with one of our pianos had been fixed overnight.  I know it's a little thing in a big picture but it was so great.  I love it when I can start out my morning with something positive, no matter how small. 

Now, what I need are good breakfasts that are quick, healthy and portable.  I manage to do well with meal planning these days for lunch and dinner but breakfast kills me.  I am USELESS in the morning so this is a challenge for me.  I also don't wake up hungry (just craving coffee!) but I know I need to eat so I do.  Today it's a FiberOne bar.  Not the greatest choice, but not the worst. 

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