Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sleepytime new best friend.

I may have conquered the sleep!  The last 2 nights I have made sure that everything is done before I sit down to talk to Sarge.  While we're chatting I have a cup of Sleepytime tea.  It's a chamomile tea with valerian in it to help with sleep.  It's awesome.  I have slept the last 2 nights in a row and though I know that's only a start, I'll take it!

Tonight's plan is to begin making the cake for a baby shower I'm going to on Saturday.  I'm doing a chocolate and vanilla checkerboard cake with chocolate mousse filling.  The frosting on the outside will be the Wilton buttercream which isn't my favorite but looks best.  Should be pretty yummy and fun, too.  Tonight is cake baking.  Tomorrow is filling and frosting.  Saturday am is decorating.  It's a lot of work but I do love the's almost peaceful.  The mommy-to-be has asked for jungle animals, I'll post photos when it's finished!

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