Monday, October 24, 2011

Tip It!

I spent Friday night with my sisters at Kathy Griffin.  She is so freakin' funny!  I've gotten away from watching the show but her stand up is so great.  We had a ball as you can see from the photos below.  Between being the only people tailgating (boxed sangria and deli sandwiches!), buying snuggies after the show and our exhausted tearful conversations in the car on the way sisters rock!

This is how WE tailgate!

Now, the traffic on the way home I could have done without.  Katie and I sat on the TZ bridge for over an hour waiting.  Just waiting.  And watching the crazy people in the cars around us, drunk boys in one car, an angry lady in the car in front of us and very tired people everywhere.  The guys rocking their car back and forth because they were bored were hysterical.

My awesome sisters in the tailgate love seat

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