Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where is the rest of my appetizer?

The food at Canyon Ranch is delicious.  And I mean it.  I didn't have a single bad thing to eat the entire trip, and I tried quite a few things.  Our only complaint was that the appetizers were TINY!  There were baked jalapeno poppers on the menu one night...sounds awesome!  And IT was.  Yes, a single jalapeno stuffed with a little bit of cheese and baked.  I know, it's to help teach about portions and all that, but really?  ONE?  We had a similar experience with the Fig salad.  Lovely figs, almost no salad.  The tomato soup I order one lunch though was amazing.  I don't know what they do to tomatoes in their kitchen but everything with tomatoes was top notch this past weekend.

 So the menu highlights for me were the morning egg white omelettes and yogurt parfait at breakfast.  For lunch, I had a sundried tomato and farmers cheese flatbread that was great and Erin had Mac & Cheese one day that was really yummy and a good sized portion.  Dinner was great each night.  I had a lobster tail the first night, Zahtar crusted lamb chops with pomegranate couscous on Friday and Saturday night was fish (the type escapes me right now) over a yummy chickpea and celery salad.  All 3 were under 350 calories and wonderful.  The fish was an expecially filling dinner which I love.

We received copies of the Canyon Ranch cookbook, Nourish while we were there.  I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes and reporting out.  I bought parsnips on a whim yesterday so those will be on the menu soon.  Could be interesting...and very possibly disastrous.

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