Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just not enough hours....

School is out for the summer, and I just finished a final!  I hate finals and though this wasn't the worst I've had to complete, I just would rather not do them at all.  And yes, I know this is part of being a graduate student.

Anyway, I am currently frustrated by the amount of army stuff strewn about my living room.  Sarge came home over a week ago with 4 giant bags of stuff.  I was told he merely had to unpack and repack them to make sure that all was there and ready for deployment.  Of course, there are now 4 large bags in various states of un-packed-ness all over the floor in one half of the living room!!  I suggested starting the re-packing last night to keep from ruining our upcoming weekend but that didn't happen.  Now what?  I am trying very hard not to nag him but it's making me grouchy.  I am trying to make his last 2 weeks fun, not full of housework but I don't want to be "the maid" for the first 3 days he's away, it will make me resentful which I NEVER want to be.

So, on a more positive note we have discovered (a little later than many) the new show Game of Thrones on HBO.  We had to order OnDemand yesterday so that Sarge could watch all of the episodes before he leaves.  Last night we watched 3 in a row!  I am in the middle of the first book and trying desperately to keep ahead of the show but just can't.  (See the opening of this post for why)  Usually I'm a quick reader but I have been so busy lately I can't find the time I want.  So, after I finish this series I need another to start to keep me in books for the rest of the summer....any suggestions?  I'm an avid reader so the more unlikely the suggestion the better!

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