Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lazy Wednesday

So, I know I should be vacuuming, but reading and lounging is way more my speed today.  I was up and at the gym at 9:15 this morning for an hour workout and then I went to get my nails done.  Other than a quick run to the store for cake baking supplies this afternoon, I have been a bum! 

I will be doing a flag cake for Saturday's 4th BBQ and possibly a cake for Sarge.  He's asked for a layer cake with carrot cake, banana nut and cheesecake!  I think he's nuts but I will see what I can create.  More on those plans tomorrow, today I am doing nothing! 

So, at the gym this morning I was thinking that I don't have any "new" music on my gym mix.  I need stuff that is upbeat and energetic.  I also love it when I want to sing along.  I usually fight this urge at the gym, I think I'd get weird looks!  I would love some suggestions for running/workout music that will motivate me to push towards the next level.

1 comment:

  1. Do you have any of the recent stuff from Michael Franti? Florence and the Machine has some good tunes, but you probably have that. I'll give it more thought....