Friday, July 1, 2011

Cake Lady!

Today I was queen of the cakes!  I have made 4 different kinds, 6 cakes total today.  I am baking for Saturday's 4th of July BBQ and for Sarge.  I'm doing a flag cake (yellow cake with chocolate inside) and then one of his own creation.  My darling has requested a 3 layer cake, banana nut, carrot and cheese cakes.  I'm going to ice them with cream cheese frosting, maybe put a little cinnamon in it to bring the cakes together better?

I will post pictures tomorrow night or Sunday so you can see the creations!

Tonight we are heading out to a Korean BBQ place for dinner, one of our favorites.  We are meeting up with some good friends and I'm looking forward to being on the seated side of the cooking tonight.  6 hours in the kitchen today make me long for the day when I have a bigger kitchen with more comfortable floors, I think I want cork.  :)

This is our last weekend home before deployment so again, there will be lots of fun but that little tinge of sadness.  Friends and family Saturday, Sarge's family only on Sunday and we are taking a day just for us on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend and for the 4th of July say thank you to a serviceman (or woman) in your life for what they do for our country every day while enjoying your burgers, bbq and fireworks!

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