Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hi. I'm in Delaware.

Hi all, I'm in Delaware.  I have been taking the longest route to get here, but I wouldn't change any of it.  (Except maybe the deployment part?)

Sarge and I left for NJ at O-Dark Thirty on Tuesday for 3 days of army life before he headed out to training.  We stayed in a hotel for a few nights and enjoyed the few hours we could get before he left for good.  It was a sad at some moments but I am so glad I was there.  I have my frustrations with the way the army does things sometimes but I know that as an outsider I won't ever really understand.  It seems to be a lot of "Hurry up and wait around" which is frustrating for the soldiers and even more so for those of us waiting to see them.

Our 3 days in NJ was capped off with one of the best dinners out I've had in a while.  When we got to the restaurant there was a sign for The Best Fried Calamari.  We ordered it, and I have to say it just might have been!  It was absolutely delicious.  The calamari was tender and just so yummy!  We both had pasta for dinner and then Sarge surprised me by ordering chocolate covered strawberries to go.  So sweet!!  Everything was fresh and delicious, our perfect date night.  Thank Gaetano's!

3:30 Friday morning was the hardest moment for me.  Watching my husband walk out of the room not knowing when I'd see him again was awful.  I know that he wants to be a part of this mission and that we will benefit from his deployment in the long run, but it was all I could do keep from asking him not to leave.  I have spent the last 2 days trying to stay positive and not be too bummed.

Yesterday I drove to LBI to spend the day and night with my 2 aunts and uncle, today I drove down to Bethany Beach, DE for a little more escaping before I return home to reality.  I love it here.  There are great memories of the trips Sarge and I have taken here and it's our home away from home.  I'll add more about the trip tomorrow, tonight, it's time for some sleep.
Cape May side of the Ferry

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