Thursday, July 7, 2011


I was teasing Sarge the other night when were both reading in the hotel room about being part of "my" family for real now.  He loves to read but doesn't always have the time.  With the upcoming deployment he is anticipating more time and so we're both reading the same series.  I am going to share how nerdy I am right now...this is REALLY exciting for me.  I love that we are talking about books together.  Most of our book discussions go like this:

Sarge "Did you see this movie?" 
Me: "No, but I read the book."

Yes, I know I'm a nerd.  You should see my cousin Peter's imitation of me reading, it at least makes it funny.

The "Song of Ice & Fire" series by George R.R. Martin is our new thing...and it's great that we both enjoy it.  (Thanks Dwayne for the recommendation!)  Sarge is starting Game of Thrones and I'm reading the 2nd book in the series, Clash of Kings.  I am looking forward to having things to talk about in our emails that are outside the everyday issues, etc.  We'll just get to share something together that's fun.

My family knows that my biggest "guilty pleasure" is reading.  It's the perfect escape from everyday life, drama, stress, etc.  The past 3 days I have done a LOT of reading!

Happy reading everyone...I'll talk more about why I'm doing all the reading and our stay in Red Bank tomorrow.

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  1. Aaron and me have that same discussion..."did you see the movie?" then me "no i read the book." but even worse is when some movie is on and he will ask "did you see this?!?!" and i'll say "no i read the book" this seems to happy with the Happy Potter series, The Help, Gone with the Wind, Sarah's Key.......oh how the list just goes one...