Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boring day, good night!

So, today I was back in school.  And it was a LOOOOONG day.  I am spoiled because in very few of my graduate classes the teachers keep us for the full day of school.  Usually we do a working lunch and then get out a little earlier in the afternoon.  It makes every just a bit happier.  Not this class.  The teacher starting talking at 8am and we were there until after 4pm.  We did get a 40 minute lunch but otherwise...we were observing, listening to lectures or discussing.  I was brain dead by the end.  Tomorrow were are off site for the morning observing an aviation class at a local AFB and then a performing arts academy so that will keep me interested for the morning.  It's the afternoon lecture that kills me...after lunch, warm classroom with the lights was all I could do stay awake at one point. 

Alright, enough complaining about school because the day was rescued by two of my best buds, Stacy and Linda.  The girls came over for a drink and then we went out to dinner at a good Italian place.  It was so good to have time to catch up, dish, gossip about school a little bit and then just be.  We celebrated Stacy getting a probationary position in our building (finally!) and Linda making it to +60 credits.  There is a 4th to our little group but she's on vacay...Heather, you were missed!

I had a really delish chicken primavera and I was in control enough to bring home half of it.  I am pretty sure I could have polished off the whole plate but being happy and full but not stuffed is a way better feeling.  Yay me!! 

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