Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to School?

I spent this morning back at school.  Though at times a little frustrating, I realize that I actually enjoyed being there.  Considering that 3 weeks ago I couldn't wait to get out, this was refreshing.

This morning's activity was a 4 hour discussion group on "Hot Topics in Education."  The new review, observation and evaluation process for teachers (APPR)  was the majority of today's talks because it's so INSANE!  I see some of the good that is intended but overall it feels like these changes are being made so quickly with little thought that it can't help but end with more confusion that we are starting with.

After the forum I got a chance to meet with the administrator I will be working with for the next year as I complete my internship.  I am sure that there will be moments that I don't feel this way, but right now I think he's fantastic.  I appreciate that this administrator is honest, forthright and I don't feel that he's ever giving me a line.  Today he was very clear that my schedule for next year is pretty awful, as are all of the other chorus teachers in the building.  Not ideal, but I can manage with the truth instead of some sugar-coated line about spreading out the duties, blah, blah, blah.  I hope that if I am ever a principal I can be the same way.  I also suppose that I am going to have to come up with a pseudonym for this person....but am totally uninspired right now.  Maybe next week?

On a personal note, I talked to Sarge last night.  He's exhausted and busy but good.  He was eating a Hawaiian pizza and I'll admit I was a little jealous.  I love that because of Skype I can see him every now and then.  When I think about my grandparents writing letters and waiting weeks in between I know how lucky we are.

Tonight, Taste of Westchester with the excited!  Getting a little dressed up and looking forward to a delicious dinner is my plan for the evening.  Pics and details to follow tomorrow!

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