Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grand Central Condo?

So, whether it is coincidence or because of the wonderful nature of my friends, I have had very little alone time in the last 5 days.  Between classes, family and friends I have been buoyed along and not allowed to get too bummy for too long.  Today will be my first mostly full day on my own.  Tomorrow, my Karin arrives for a much needed day of catching up.

Wednesday and Thursday were saved by school and social events.  My sister's birthday was Friday so I made cupcakes and chocolate ganache frosting for her family party Thursday night.  Baking is my favorite thing, I love it.  I feel so at home in the kitchen, I wish I could afford to eat more!  I have a copy of my great-grandmother's cookbook and I'd like to get up the courage to try a few of those recipes this summer.

Friday was perfect thanks to my adorable nephew.  It was only 2 hours together but it was fantastic.  Tristan is 22 months old and almost too cute for his own good.  We had a yummy lunch, read books (my favorite) watched Elmo for a little bit and took a walk to see the fishies that live in a pond here at the complex.  He talked the whole time and I think I understood about half of it.  We even got to Skype with Unkie for a little while, a fantastic stroke of timing.  I will admit that when he returned from the rest of his afternoon he was screaming bloody murder...I suggested my sister-in-law get him into a metal band to turn the horror into cash!

Friday-Sunday my friends John and Kyri were visiting from Georgia.  I think John's goal was to eat his way through NY and then take as much as possible back to Atlanta to sustain him until his next trip north.  I remember missing real bagels and pizza when I lived in NC so I totally understand.  Now it's laundry and relaxing until my next guest arrives tomorrow!

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