Saturday, July 16, 2011

The "US" display

This little pedestal is on our living room wall and Sarge says it's "US."  In case you needed an explanation, he is the Tactical Bacon and I am the Murano glass vase.  It makes me laugh because it's kind of true.  He is absolutely like the bacon in a can.  He is black & white, can't get enough bacon and firearms, and LOVES anything tactical.  Pants, flashlights, multi-tools...he loves it all.  I am more like the vase, I like to dress up a little (shoes!!) and I am definitely curvy.  A little dressy on the outside but practical on the inside.  It makes me smile knowing that on the surface we appear so different, but I know deep down we just work.

Though we aren't big Disney people, I got the pens at a wedding expo I went to with my friend Michelle to prep for her wedding and Sarge added them to our display since we're now married.  Sometimes he is super cute!

In case you can't tell, I am missing him a lot today.  We got to Skype yesterday which was wonderful but just not the same.  It's so great to see his smile and hear him laugh but it's hard to know he won't be home for such a long time.

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