Monday, June 25, 2012

New Addition

The new addition will look something like this
After a ton of research (mostly Sarge) and some tears (all me) I bought a car this morning!  Sarge and I will be the proud owners of a blue Subaru Forester sometime in the next week.  Yay!

I would like to add that this is the last time I want to buy a car ever.  From now on if we need a new car he needs to do everything because I HATE this process.  I feel good today but have had doubts at every step along the way.  The pressure, the anxiety and the fear that I will hate whatever I buy a month after I get home all make me crazier that usual.

I did really like the salesman I worked with which helped.  He was former Navy so he was good at relating to my current situation.  Genius on the part of the dealership!

Anyway, I'm excited and nervous and relieved that it's all over with.  Happy summer vacation!

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