Thursday, June 7, 2012

Testing, Testing

Last night I got my test results for my School Building Leader exam and I passed!  Yay!  I can now be certified as both a building level and district level administrator.  Now I just have to wait for the right job to come along...

Today is field testing day in our school.  There is a lot of controversy about these tests and I've heard rumors that many students will be kept out of school or will refuse to take the test.  It will be interesting to see how this all falls out.

I can understand how the parents are frustrated with the state exams and I know the kids are too, especially after all the mistakes that were publicized this spring.  The teachers are stressed, the kids are a little fried at this time of year and none of us want to take this time.  But tests are a part of education, whether we like it or not.  I'm over 30 and still taking standardized tests for school...there's a little part of me that wants to say "get used to it" no matter how much we hate it.

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