Saturday, June 23, 2012

Running from Car Shopping

Happy summer vacation!!

I am sitting here getting ready to go for a run while I finish my morning coffee.  I want to start off my summer on the right foot and I have been letting the workouts slide lately.  Parties, celebrations and oppressive heat have all given me good "excuses" for avoiding taking care of me.  3 miles is my's hoping!

Later today I am doing some car shopping, which I have discovered I hate more than anything.  Sarge and I need a 2nd car for when he gets home and I am HATING having to do this.  I know I should be exited about it and feel fortunate that we have saved enough to afford a new car for the first time in my life but I just want to avoid it.  I have serious stress over spending a ton of money on a car and am afraid I'll get it home and regret my purchase for some reason or another.  Gas mileage, size, visibility, potential for growth...AAARRRGGHHH!!!!  It all makes my head spin.

Hmmm...this is interesting.  Going running to procrastinate other things I don't want to do?

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