Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Military Spouse Tag

I have never tried one of these before but figured it might be fun.  It's a good prep for Veteran's Day this Friday.  So, I answer the questions I found on another Army wife's blog and if you're a Military Spouse you answer them on yours.  Enjoy!!

1) How did you and your spouse meet?
Sarge and I met in high school through mutual friends, though we were definitely NOT friends at the time.  We ran into each other more than 10 years later as I walking home from a blind date and he was on patrol in the town.  We stood and talked in the street, started texting and talking more often and the rest was history.

2) How old were you when you two met?
I think I was about 14 at the time he would have been around 16.

3) How long have you been together?
We've been together now just over 2 years.

4) Where are you and your spouse originally from?
We are originally (and still in) Rockland County, NY.  We were actually born in the same hospital and went to the same schools growing up.

5) How did you feel about him joining the military?

Sarge was in the military when we started dating so I don't really know what our lives would be like without it.  I'm proud of what he does though I miss him every day he's gone.

6) Where did your spouse go to Basic Training?
Fort Leonard Wood, MO

7) Has your spouse ever been deployed?

Yes, 3 times.  Iraq and Afghanistan

8) Ever been to his promotion ceremony?

9) How long have you been a military wife?
Since April 2011.  7 months!

10) Did you marry him before or after he joined?
Long after, almost 8 years.

11) How did your husband propose?
Sitting on the couch in our living room.

12) Where did you get married?
Nyack, NY

13) How old were you two when you got married?
32 and 33

14) Did he wear his uniform on his wedding day?
Yes....and he looked so great!

15) Where are you and your spouse currently stationed?
Sarge is in Afghanistan, I'm home in NY.

16) Do you live on base?

17) How long were you married when you had to go through your first separation?
3 months

18) What is your favorite base so far?

19) Do you think your spouse looks good in his uniform?
Hells yeah!

20) Do you think military life is more advanced than civilian life?
I don't think I understand this question...

21) Do you like the benefits you receive as a military dependent?
Yes, I broke my foot shortly after Anthony left for training and it was nice to have a secondary insurance.

22) Do you have a lot of military wife friends?
Just a couple, wives of other soldiers in Sarge's unit

23) What is the hardest part of the military life?

Right now I think it's the separation.

24) Do you own military wife stuff?
A t-shirt and lanyard for my keys.  They were laid out for me when I was packing up to leave for my parents the night before our wedding.

25) Do you support your spouse as a member of the military?
I do my best to do this, I'm sure some days I'm better than others.  Right now it's sending packages and being home for Skype calls which is good for both of us.


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