Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Peep Toes are Back!!

A successful trip to the podiatrist today, I get to wear my heels again!  And yes,  he actually referred to them as "hooker heels" which makes me laugh.  I guess from his point of view they are bad for feet and great for business.  Now I just have to choose a pair to wear tomorrow and maybe a new one to celebrate (and have for the holidays?)

When I get home from wearing my heels tomorrow I will also be able to go running!  Well, jogging slowly at the very least.  Tomorrow will be a run/walk combo until I can get a handle on where I am and what the tootsies can handle.  I have some of the Couch to 5K workouts from when I started running 7 years ago it may be time to revisit some of the later weeks to get back into the running from the walking and elliptical I've been doing the past 5 weeks.

So excited about tomorrow!!!

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