Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Re-Cap

I had a really good weekend this past weekend, with friend time and some much-needed "me time."

Pulled pork and corn souffle
Friday night I went out with some school people for a happy hour that last until almost 11.  Talk about Happy!!  We started out at our "usual" and then two of the girls and myself moved to Pearl River to have dinner at Johnny's smokehouse.  It was a delicious dinner and we had a great time.

Saturday was a stay at home day.  I got laundry done, a package put together for Sarge, cleaned the bathroom, went to the gym and even made dinner.  It was exactly what I needed...and I caught up on some DVRs as well, something I always enjoy.  I have been having a tough time lately and I think I needed the day to just do stuff here, mope around a bit and just be by myself.  I would have to admit that I've been avoiding some of the harder parts of deployment by losing myself in social and work events. 

Sunday I went to a wine tasting with my sister-in-law upstate.  We got started late and got home a bit later than planned (sorry SWE!!) but had a good time.  I found the wine that I will be serving at my holiday party, it was a yummy spiced (mulled?) wine and was a nice kick-off to the upcoming season.  Though, I saw the Hershey's Kisses handbells commercial this morning and my only though was "Already?!?!"

3 days with kids this week, a conference day and a blood drive at school on Wednesday afternoon.  Anyone in the area who can donate, we'll be open from 4-8!  Drop me a line and I can get you the details.  It's a great thing to do if you can.

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