Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10K Recap

My run turned out a little better than I anticipated though I'm always disappointed that I'm not faster than I am.  Sunday's 10K was pretty good though I'd come up with long list of "reasons" it wasn't before I got to the finish line!  The photo below was from the end of mile 2 and in going through the selection of race photos have realized I am NOT cute when running.  The mile 5 photo (at the same spot) was just unfortunate in many ways!

I started out a little too fast for me and ran the first mile with my friend Niamh in under 10 minutes.  I slowed down at that point and averaged out just over 10:40 which was my goal.  I only wanted to puke once, after picking up a gatorade at mile 3 instead of a water.  Blech!  I really do not like that stuff.  So, 10K in 1:06 and the goal for the next one is to be closer to 10 minute mile average.  Next planned run is a 5K so I'll be focusing on speed the next few weeks.

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