Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beach Weekend

I was lucky to spend this past weekend with 3 of my girls down at the beach.  It was 2 days of sun and sand and plenty of doing nothing.  We had Mango-ritas, fresh seafood, Kohr Brothers and Bethany BBQ on Saturday and Sunday  We ended our trip with a morning at the outlets, lunch at the Dogfish Head brewpub and then a long, traffic-y drive home last night.  Lots of laughs, great story telling and a good chance to get to know things about each other that we don't talk about at school, happy hours or wine nights.

I am ready for deployment to be over.  This weekend was a much needed escape but when I sat down last night it all hit me.  Reading the posts on Facebook, seeing all the media coverage and being here alone was just too much.  I miss Sarge, I want our life together at home again and I want this to be over.  I am thankful he is safe so far and know that the end is in sight and maybe that's why I'm so easily upset these days but I can't help it.

Today, back to school in an un-airconditioned building when it's supposed to be 90 out.  Yuck.

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