Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sooo busy!

This is one of the most challenging weeks of my school's concert prep!  It makes me stressed and cranky, poor Sarge took the brunt of it the other day.  It's complicated this year by a field trip for each of my 3 grade levels, NYSSMA prep for many students and a busy weekend ahead.   (I could rant about NYSSMA for days but will refrain for your sakes.)   Graduation for me  Friday then my 10K Sunday morning and a birthday party that afternoon.  Saturday is clean my house's a disaster here. 

I just want to quit all of it at this point...but that's just not an option.  I can make it, next Thursday I'll be a whole new woman!  So, if I continue to be non-posting until then, I am returning I just don't have any inspiration that would be appropriate.  All good things ahead, just too many in one week!

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