Monday, May 21, 2012

Concert Music Choices

It's concert week!

This means I have concerts for the next two nights and then I get to breath a little bit.  I have a couple of groups who are completely ready and at least one that I'm still nervous about.

I really like the music I've picked for this semester and that doesn't always happen.  There have definitely been performances where I felt that I NEVER wanted to hear the songs again, I seem to have done a better job of that this year.  Middle school music is tough to choose.  The kids want to sing mostly pop and I want them to sing very little of it.  It's always a struggle to find a balance between keeping them motivated and choosing quality pieces with the musical elements that I want to teach.  8th graders are the most difficult and have the least issue with sharing their view on what they do (and do NOT) want to sing.  They don't always understand that chorus is a class with objectives and learning goals...many think it's a "free period."  Drives me crazy. 

 I've promised the kids a couple of Karaoke days post-concert to sing all the music they would choose if they could and I think that this will be an appropriate post-concert celebration for I go through the lyrics for all of the songs they've suggested!

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