Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Last night I went out to the local watchfire for Memorial Day.  It's a very poignant and emotional memorial tribute to local fallen soldiers.  There is a ceremony that begins at 11:30 with the local police and fire departments providing an honor guard where the names of fallen soldiers from the Vietnam and Iraq wars are read.  It ends with Taps and a lighting of a HUGE bonfire.  The watchfire serves as a beacon for soldiers to find their way home, literally and figuratively.

I got to see some of Sarges buddies from work who are also veterans.  It was good to connect with those guys and hear how they are thinking of him and us.  Offers to help out and one offer of a wife to talk to before Sarge returns were very sweet and much appreciated.  These guys probably don't talk all that often but they are always there for each other.  It's a friendship and comraderie on a level I will never truly understand but am thankful for.
Army wife wear for a rainy night

Watchfire and Memorial

Our veterans

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