Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bridal Shower Cakes

Chocolate and Lemon Vanilla cakes with raspberry filling for Michelle's Shower
I have been gone the last week for a couple of reasons, including being exhausted and having a cold.  Those two things were probably related but as of this morning I feel like a new person. 

Last weekend I threw a bridal shower for my friend Michelle who is getting married in April.  It was a great time and all of the organization, prep work were worthwhile.  Other than having bought WAY too much food for the appetizers everything was just about perfect.  And really, what's wrong with having some extra cheese and crackers around the house during the week.  (Oh, my healthier eating...that's what the problem is...oops!)

So, the cakes that Heather and I made for the shower are above and I was so happy with how they came out.  We did two cakes because the bride wanted chocolate and the mother of the groom is allergic.  The longest part of the process is the coloring of the icing but I was pleased with how the ended up. And they were yummy, too!!  I was smart enough to have made the roses out of royal icing earlier in the week so once the cakes were iced and piped we were able to put the flowers and leaves on and call it a night. 

The ultimate compliment of the night was when one of the girls at the shower asked me to make a cake for her for this June....YAY!!  It's nothing huge but I have to admit that I am REALLY flattered to be asked to do this for someone I have never met before.

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