Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dinner and a Show

Last night was the kind of night I love.  Thanks to my MiL I got to attend a dress rehearsal of Manon at the Met!  I drove in with a friend of hers, my sister-in-law and her bf.  We had dinner at Bar Boulud before hand and then off to the show.  I had delicious grilled halibut over lentils with grilled endive.  I kept  hearing that commericial with the lady saying "No, it's definately pronounced On-Deev."  

 Anna Netrebko was a wonderful Manon but I was most impressed by the tenor playing De Gries, Piotr Beczala.  His aria in Act II was unreal...and I am guessing was holding back at some moments and not singing full voice.  Still GORGEOUS!  This is someone I am goin to make an effort to go see again.  Going to an opera is always inspiring for me and makes me want to sing more than I do...

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