Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sub Plans

One of my least favorite part of teaching is creating sub plans.  Most of the time it is just easier to drag myself to school and teach myself but the occasion comes when I do need to be out.  As a music teacher it can be difficult to find a sub willing to, and capable of, running a rehearsal.  So often, I leave videos and worksheets for plans.  However, there must always be a set of plans "just in case" the person who might be in for me is music teacher.

I find this difficult because I know how tough it is to be a sub.  It was how I started out in my career and it can be rough.  Middle school is just challenging in general, think back on yourself in middle school and you'll begin to remember just how challenging.  I want to leave activities for the students that are meaningful, fun, educational and won't torture the teacher, either. 

To the other music teachers out there, what do you do?

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