Monday, March 26, 2012

Relaxation in Many Ways

Saturday was just about perfect.

I started my morning with a walk to the chiropractor and bank and back home.  It was a gorgeous day and I'm feeling much better than I have the last 2 weeks.  I've had a pinched nerve in my neck that has made moving my head and left arm not so fun.  But, I was clearing for a jog on Sunday...yay!

After I got home and showered up I went for lunch and a massage with my sister.  We at Harper's on Main and then it was off to the Oasis Spa.  60 minutes of Swedish massage is like heaven and the masseuse focused on the area in my neck and shoulder where I was still tense.  It was like being back at Canyon wonderful!

There was a WHOOOLE chicken in my half of the leftovers!
When I left Dobbs Ferry I headed up to Mahopac to Dogfish Head Night at Holy Smokes with Heather, Stacy, Frank and some of his friends.  An hour's drive and very much worth it.  I got to try 6 different Dogfish beers and the food was delicious.  My favorite beers of the night were Bitches Brew which is a stout inspired by the Miles Davis album and Noble Rot which is almost a wine.  The rep described it as a "mullet" being wine in the front and beer at the finish.  I had to laugh and the beer is delicious!  I also tired Namaste, Fort, Chateau Jiahu and Saison du Buff.  The Saison stands out the most as it was very grassy tasting...too much for me.

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