Saturday, December 10, 2011

I got to attend a concert today, a wonderful change after performing the last 2 nights.  I went to see the Rockland County Choral Society's concert tonight with my sisters, brother-in-law and future brother-in-law.  My parents are members and I was so excited to go and hear them sing.  The entire concert was very well done and Haydn's music is lovely.  I just taught my 7th graders about him so it was fun to hear some of his work live.  I learned some new things about Haydn from the program and about myself.

I enjoyed the chorus and string quartet today and I recognize all the work that goes into putting on a concert like I saw.  The chorus has been working since September, the string quartet and soloists are all pros.  It's a huge organizational and musical undertaking and it was nice to enjoy the results.  But, I really do love to sing and it's more fun for me than listening.  I think that when I start to get rehearsal burn-out just going to hear a concert is enough to bring back that desire to sing again.

So, I'm planning to sing with RCCS this spring and I'm thrilled that they're doing one of my absolute favorites, the Brahms Requiem! 

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