Thursday, December 1, 2011

My favorite month

December is my favorite month.  I love the holidays, the music, the performances, all the's just the best.  It is also the craziest month for me because I have trouble saying "no" to things.  I'm doing the fewest number of performances this year as I ever have with only 1 each weekend between now and Jan 7th.  (There was a year I did 5 in one weekend, that was NOT fun)

I've started my holiday shopping and have a couple of gifts but am starting to get into the swing.  I think my favorite gifts are the family stocking gifts and trying to find that one novelty gift for Anthony that will make him smile.  His real gift is usually black and tactical...not particularly exciting for me but they make him happy. 

Our family stockings are my favorite because they require a little creativity.  We have a $25 limit and it's Secret Santa style since we're all a little old for stockings but still love doing them Christmas Eve.  I'm also looking forward to shopping for my nephew this year....I love buying toys!!!  The challenge now is to stay within a reasonable budget, I have a *small* tendency to go overboard...

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