Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lawn Ornaments

So, I understand that these giant blow up lawn ornaments are the "Thing To Have" but I am not really a fan.  In my complex they don't even make sense which I find more annoying.  When it's Santa, a snowman, some reindeer I think they're silly but I get it.  Kids love them, etc. 

Now, in my condo complex we have Santa in a helicopter and a Noah's Ark.  Seriously?  Why is Santa in a helicopter?  He has a sleigh and flying reindeer!!!  As for Noah's Ark it just doesn't seem "Christmas" to me, even though there do appear to be wreaths around the windows on the boat.  And not to be too "PC" but isn't that a little one-sided?  Where's the giant inflatable dreidel??

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