Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was a fantastic and fantastically difficult year.  I married my best friend and then lent him to the Army for a year.  I have found out what true friends are and that I can't do everything by myself.  I am still learning to ask for help but getting slightly better about it.  I made to MA +60 and have almost completed a second graduate degree.  I broke my first bone.  All of these things made 2011 unforgettable but I can't say that I'm said to see it come to a close.

I have so many things to look forward to in 2012.  Sarge and I will get to be together again.  I get to travel to Germany for R&R this February.  I will have a new niece this spring.  I'll have a new brother-in-law this fall.  I have a few weddings, more babies and who knows what other celebrations to enjoy.  All of these are exciting and life-changing events (some for others more than me!) and I look forward to sharing them.

Thanks to all who read this and those who have commented since I started writing in July.  Keep coming back and share it with someone I don't know.  I've only been an Army wife for 8 months and since we've been apart for more than 5 of them I think I'll qualify for newlywed status for a looooong time.  This isn't easy and there are days I wish it could be different.  But, I couldn't be more proud of my husband and what he's doing and what we're accomplishing.  I couldn't be more proud of what I've done this year.  So, thanks for a great 2011 and time to gear up for 2012!

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