Friday, September 2, 2011

Good luck weekend

I sold my car!!!!  So excited..and I should be able to put a little bit into savings after paying off the loan which is always nice.  It'll be the vacation fund for R&R with Sarge.  Yay!!!  I am a little sad because I do love my car and I'm not a huge fan of driving a huge car but I know I'll be happy for the all wheel drive this winter.  It also has the nifty little jack for my iPod that is a totally silly thing to miss, but I'll miss that too.  But, trying to stay positive, this really is a great savings for us for the next year.

I have an audition tomorrow for a local opera company...wish me luck!  It's role that would be fun, and I sang one of the arias in college so I'll be reviewing that today.  My only trouble will be that I know the piece in French and the performance is in English.  It'll be a big learning curve but if I get the part it'll be worth it.  It's kind of strange, I've never actually been IN an opera before so I'm hopeful.  It will be celebrated by a trip to a local Oktoberfest with Linda so I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I'll let you know if I get the role and when to come see me sing, too.  Happy Friday everyone!

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