Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Overseas Update

It's time for the latest from the big sandbox!

Anthony and I have been lucky enough to communicate fairly often.  Email. G-chat and Skype are all wonderful inventions and have made this deployment slightly easier.  I love seeing his face and knowing that things are going as well as we can hope for.

For the most part, he's doing well.  There are moments of "excitement" where he is but nothing serious.  They are pretty well fortified thank goodness!  The days are becoming very monotonous which is difficult.  He's compared it (many times) to the movie Groundhog Day.  Wake up, go to work, back to barracks, read/watch a movie, good to sleep.  Repeat a few hundred times.  The best break-up for this monotony is the daily mail.  He and the guys love their packages, cards and letters!

I'm trying to send stuff at least once a week and I make sure to email once a day.  It doesn't feel like enough but it seems to be working.  He got an email last night while we were chatting from someone he works with and it totally changed his tone of voice.  It was great to hear the different just a few sentences was able to make for him.  He doesn't get the chance to email often but the last one was focused on all the trips he wants to take when he's home.  Far away and still thinking about going away, gotta love it!


  1. Awww I just found your blog and I know it is already a wee while ago, but I love this :)

    I started my blog 15 weeks ago in September, when my boyfriend left to went out to Afghanistan. It helps me to deal with my emotions. :)

    Maybe you fancy having a quick look at some point, would be nice to get to know more about you :) xx

    1. Thanks Van! I'll be checking out your blog as well, the Army has a wealth of strength in the loved ones at home keeping up the spirits of their soldiers!