Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Much Better Day!

Tuesday was definitely an improvement over Monday even though it was long.  I had a good day teaching (though that seems to be a given this year, my kids have been great!) and then got my after stuff done.  I got to the DMV to turn in my plates, got to the podiatrist and to back to school night. 

The podiatrist says I'm healing, but because of the location of the fracture, it's slowly.  I am cleared for shoes, but only as long as I'm pain free.  No heels, nothing crazy, but I planned for that.  I picked up a pair of black riding boots and a pair of Frye motorcycle boots that are fairly flat.  With good insoles I should be comfy and slightly more stylish.  The skirts and sneakers look just isn't for me!

Today was topped off with an email from my sister for this upcoming weekend.  We're going to Canyon Ranch for a few days and the plan looks AMAZING.  Spa treatments, nutrition and diet consults, lots of activity, I'm excited!

Tomorrow...dress down Wednesday.  I love a short week at school!

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