Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Tears

Today was a great day!

I completed my final class in my graduate program which means I am at MA +60 and only have my internship left. Yay!!!

This brought me to tears.  

My girls Linda and Heather decided to make bracelets for us to wear until Anthony comes home.  They made bracelets for the 3 of us and our friend Stacy and for my 2 sisters as well.  How did I end up with such great girls?  They had a great story about getting their supplies and making them to make me laugh, too.  Thanks Olivers!

I home for the night and kind of looking forward to it.  I also get to sleep in tomorrow until around 9, my trainer appointment isn't until 10am.  I had a good workout today, get in a good one tomorrow and then a run on Sunday before it's Texas-Time!!!!

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