Saturday, August 13, 2011

Texas Time

View from Cattleman's Steakhouse
I had such a fantastic time in Texas!  I won't bore you with the blow-by-blow, but spending time with my husband was so incredibly wonderful.  I made it through 2 airports with wheelchair assistance on my way down and he met me right outside the security sweet.  We rented a Jeep for our time together and loved being able to take the top off in the mornings and evenings.  Too hot midday and too sunny for my pale Irish self!

So, I did not realize how close El Paso was to the Mexico border, we drove right past it one day and could see Mexico from one of the highways we took on the way home from our trip to White Sands.  And yes, I know I could have looked on a map to see exactly where I was going....I just didn't.  I will say that the standard of housing seems very different and it was a little sad.  However, the food was AMAZING and we did our best to find authentic Mexican food for lunches.

The highlight of the trip for me was definitely the drive we took through White Sands, NM.  It is amazingly beautiful and a little disorienting.  It's almost like snow, only it's over 100 degrees...HOT!!  It was about an hour and half from El Paso but we took that time to talk, figure out some plans for keeping things in order for the next year and just enjoy being together.  There were some other fun moments that I'll get into in another post!

White Sands National Park

This is the one Sarge liked best!

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