Monday, August 29, 2011

Whirlwind weekend?

So, an eventful weekend is over and it's back to work this morning!

I got to spend some quality time with the Wilson's this weekend, had a great dinner out and got to enjoy time with my nephew which is always a good time.  (Other than the occasional meltdown, but that comes with the age!)  He really is such a sweetie and now that I am getting better at understanding toddler-speak it's much easier to talk to him.  He talks constantly!!  When I can understand half of it I feel like I'm being a good aunt, but there were definitely desperate looks at Cori and Aaron for translation help. 

Irene was the big news yesterday...and she cut our family weekend short.  The storm started to get moving here at about 7 Saturday night and got worse until I went to be around midnight.  I hear that the worst of the storm was when I was sleeping but it was still going when I got up around 9.  Yes, I was a total bum!  I'm doing fine, and lost power for a few hours last night but nothing major.  Our basement storage seems dry for now and we'll keep an eye on those things for the next couple of days.  Flooding is the biggest issue right now, we'll see how that affects my drive to school in a little while.

Sarge and I have been able to talk or G-chat every day since he's been gone and I got a reality check about how spoiled I am last night.  I had no power and hadn't heard from him since the previous night.  I usually get a "check-in" around 1pm  when he's getting ready for bed and that didn't happen.  My over-active imagination didn't kick in until 10:30.  He called at 11, proving that I am a crazy lady at times.  He was alright, fyi...I just get kooky when I'm tired and have no power.

Hope everyone out there is managing after the storm!

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