Friday, August 26, 2011

Mad Men

It's my new addiction.  Every chance I get I throw on a episode.  It's what I cleaned my house to on Wednesday and what I watched while waiting for my sister-in-law and family to arrive last night.  I love the clothes, the stories and everything about it.  Some of these characters are awful, some I love and it's just addicting!!

Today however was an interesting watching experience.  It was the episode where JFK is assassinated.  I cried when it was announced and it caught me totally off guard.  I KNEW what was going to happen.  When the first phone calls were starting to come in I knew the event and the outcome.  Why did I lose it?  It may be that I'm over-emotional these day or it could be that I doubt if the same "world stopping" reaction would happen today.

On a positive, my newphew is the cutest kid and I got to talk to Sarge today for a good long time.  Skype phone calls (video is still not working well) are our savior.   Tomorrow is the b'day party for the little monkey, yay!

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