Saturday, August 6, 2011

My new peep toes

...are an orthopedic boot!  Yup, last night I slipped on the stairs taking out the recycling and managed to break the top of my 5th metatarsal. (Words I didn't know until today.)  At 32 this is my first real broken bone...unreal.  My mom was awesome and drove me around and kept me company today which was amazing.

Isn't my new shoe lovely?

So, I am still heading to TX in two days and really can't wait.  We have some outings planned to   Carlsbad Caverns and Roswell, NM.  Area 51!!!  I'm excited and hope that we can most of what we wanted to even with my little injury.  Even if it's sitting in the hotel and at the pool for 3 days I'll be with Sarge, which is what is most important.

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