Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Safe and sound

Sarge has traveled a long way around the world and has arrived, somewhere close to where he'll be finally, safely.  I got a call at 1am for about 35 seconds to let me know they'd made it to Germany and a voice mail earlier today that he was doing well.  I was so excited to hear his voice and so MAD that I missed the call.  Lesson learned: the phone never leaves my side from now until he gets home.  I don't know exactly where he is but I know he's safe and that's what matters most.

Last night's dinner was a success.  Everything came out pretty well and the girls were happy.  Design star was great...my least favorite person got sent home!!  Yay!! I'm sorry if you liked her but I thought Cathy was just annoying.  I was surprised she was let go but I will not miss her at all.  Here are some photos from last night's dinner, just in case you were interested in my culinary talents.  The menu was grilled chicken breasts, zucchini munchies, ratatouille and herbed quinoa with a lite strawberry shortcake pie for dessert.
No joke, this recipe says it's 4 servings!

Zucchini munchies, grilled chicken breast and ratatouille
All of the above and some herbed quinoa....a perfect dinner!

I was in school today, more on that later this week as some things get ironed out.  Tonight is movie night with the girls and tomorrow we're going to a wine tasting.  So...tomorrow's post should be funny at the very least.

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